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Town Update #5: Big Update in the Middle of the Storm

Hello there, Lego fans! As Typhoon Glenda passed by our city, Ryah and I have made huge developments in our Lego Town. It has been two weeks since our last update, and we've added quite a number of structures and vehicles.

This is an update of leaps and bounds as we added a Coast Guard station and surfing kiosk on the Marina Bay beach, plus Ryah's beloved Dolphin Cruiser in the middle of the sea.

Right at the easternmost part, the spaces are already full. We have added an orange MOC Convenience Store we named 119 and Ryah's princess castle. We've also added more trucks and firemen vehicles. There is no Fire Department kiosk yet, but we hope that we can have a MOC one soon.

Also, you may notice a new park bench right at the Marina Bay park where Ryah and Rafa's sigfigs are sitting. It's quite a big update, and here are more photos of it. Enjoy!

Town Update #4: Police Kiosk and Flatbed Truck

Hi there, Lego fans! For this update, nothing much has happened. Everything is pretty much the same as we only added the MOC Police Kiosk and our new Flatbed truck to our Lego town layout. The custom Police Kiosk is slightly modified from its original version.

Here are some photos of our updated Lego town. Enjoy!