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Late Night Lego

A little father and daughter bonding emoticon

Enlighten Pirates series set 1202

Another one from the Enlighten Pirates series.

Enlighten Pirates series set 312

A small set from Enlighten's Pirate series.

S-World (China) Animal Brick Sets

Hello, everyone! I would just like to show here Ryah's 5 sets of S-World (China) animal brick sets. Obviously, these are imitations of Lego Friends sets for a very tiny fraction of the price. 

Let me be clear that we didn't buy these sets as they are gifts for Ryah last Christmas. However, I should also mention that we also buy sets from Enlighten, Ausini, Cogo, and Sluban because Lego sets are ultra-supremely-extremely high-priced here in the Philippines! I understand that the prices are that sky high because of the shipping expenses, but I still think they are too high, that's why Lego alternatives are prevalent and accepted by the masses.