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MOC: Coffee Shop

Hi there, Lego fans! Today, I'll be featuring one of my new MOCs in my Brick City: the Coffee Shop.

I chose a Starbucks-like green color scheme for my coffee shop (I'm sorry! :)). Honestly, I like CBTL more, but these are my only available pieces for now, so here it is.

MOC: Police Outpost and Vehicles

Hello, everybody, I'm here again. As promised, I will feature all the MOC (My Own Creation) structures that I will place in my Brick City in separate posts.

For this post, here is my custom-made Police Outpost (yes, outpost only. I plan to create another MOC of a Central Police station). I patterned this after Jang's LEGO city police kiosk.

This outpost will serve the other end of Marina Bay near the water, as the Central Police station will be located more inland. I will also show here two Police vehicles that are in Marina Bay so far.

Okay, without further ado, here it is:

As I've said above, this structure is purely MOC and is on a 16 x 16 ground base plate with a driveway. The vehicles, though, are a different story.

Citizens: Raymund's Brick City District 1 - Marina Bay

Hello, everybody! It's Raymund again, and I want to introduce you the citizens (so far) of Marina Bay.

Let's start with this dude from the water scooters' dock, Danny Green.

Danny is a surfing and swimming instructor. He has a small shack and a dock located at the shore of Marina Bay. He has two water scooters that are for rent. :) This is a custom LEGO minifig.

Quick Tour: Raymund's Brick City District 1 - Marina Bay

Hey, everybody! I'm Raymund, and this is my first post here in Bricks Lab. Today, I will give you a quick tour of the first district of my Brick City, Marina Bay.


For the record, my Brick City is still in its initial and planning stages. Actually, after more than a decade, I only started catching up with my passion for bricks in January of this year. This is the first district that I am focusing on for the moment.

The work was slow and tedious, since I don't do brick-building 24 hours a day. For info, I'm an author, writer, blogger, a husband and a father, so that takes up most of my time.

Also, I named my city Brick City, not LEGO City, because not all of the parts I'm using are LEGO parts. I also use other cheaper brands because LEGO in the Philippines is ultra expensive. :)

Anyway, after three months, this is what I came up with: