MOC: Coffee Shop

Hi there, Lego fans! Today, I'll be featuring one of my new MOCs in my Brick City: the Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop with a camper van parked on the side.

I chose a Starbucks-like green color scheme for my coffee shop (I'm sorry! :)). Honestly, I like CBTL more, but these are my only available pieces for now, so here it is.

Front facade.

Left side view.

Perspective of the back and right side view.

Right side view.

If you will notice, the colors of the bricks I used are not identical. This is because, again as I've mentioned, I'm only working with what available pieces I have. I will replace them with the proper brick colors once I have the right pieces. :)

I wanted to have large windows for my coffee shop to give it a more cozy, relaxing atmosphere. But what I have are only semi-transparent ones. (I wish I had those large clear square windows.)

Window from the right side.

From the front. You can see a customer in line. :)

Let's take a look at the inside of the coffee shop. :)

Let's remove the roof to better see the interior. :)

It's a simple layout. A counter and just two seats for customers. I built on a 16 x 16 base plate so there's not much space to begin with. But I like it, I like the cozy atmosphere. Yes, it's cozy enough for me. :) Besides, most of the people in my Brick City order to-go. Ha ha.

Let's look at it from other angles.

I love this Captain America-inspired coffee maker. :) Just for info, I'm a huge Avengers fan.

That's it! That's my coffee shop. However, there is one thing missing in it. Can you guess what?

You're right! There is no barista! :) I don't have a suitable barista from any of my minifigures yet, but I plan to have in my next Lego purchase a minifig to man this coffee shop.

That's it for my MOC coffee shop. Till next time!


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