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Ryah's first Lego test video

Hello, everybody! In case you don't know, I have my own YouTube channel where I plan to most of the time feature Lego updates from Ryah and myself. Here is a link of our first test video:

Video: Ryah's first Lego test video
Thank you for watching!

Raymund's Lego City

Hey, everybody! I'm featuring today some photos of my own Lego City. Just to give a distinction, I've decided to call Ryah's layout as Lego Town, while mine is Lego City. Ryah's Lego town is called Marina Bay, while I have yet to name my city. Any suggestions? ;)

The size of the city is 4 feet x 6 feet, which I think is large enough for now. As you can see, the base of the layout is a bed frame. For the moment, I used the large cardboard packaging from our new cabinet drawer as the brown base of the city. For the base of the water at the upper right corner, I used blue corrugated plastic. While for the base of the park at the lower right corner, I used an old gameboard turned upside down. 

This setup is super temporary as I plan to use marine plywood as the base of the entire city. Obviously, the photos do not show any road base plates yet. I plan to improvise and create my own road plates instead of actual Lego road base plates because they are very expensive here in th…

Ryah's Lego Town Update #1

Finally, here is a first look at Ryah's own, separate Lego town layout. A few weeks ago we have decided to have our own separate Lego layouts and it went on quite well. :) Maybe in the future we will merge both layouts again.

Although it was faintly featured in our last post, this is the first time that Ryah's layout is going to be featured in detail. Her layout is still called Marina Bay, and it's my own layout that would need a new name. :)

Without further ado, here it is: