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Ausini Farm set 28507

This is a farm set from Ausini. I used the parts to create our own Organic Grocery Store MOC patterned from Jangbricks. The tree was placed at the park area of our new bigger Lego town model. Will share the finished MOC soon! :)

Lego Puppy's Playhouse set 41025

This is another one of Ryah's newest Lego Friends sets. January is ending and the new tables are about to be unveiled finally. Yes, you read it right, there are new "tables" that we will show in this blog, which means our Lego town has expanded.

Actually, Ryah and I have decided to each have our own Lego layouts so I gave her a table of her own to play with. Daddy's table is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, while Ryah will use our former Lego town table. We're so excited in sharing them to you soon!

Meanwhile, here is Ryah's Lego Puppy's Playhouse set 41025. Enjoy!

Lego Friends Sunshine Harvest set 41026

Hello, everyone! This is one of Ryah's newest Lego Friends sets, the Sunshine Harvest 41026 set.

We're still working on a full update for our Lego town as we are still trying to acquire a new and bigger table. Stay tuned!