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Custom LEGO City Fire Station Building Begins! MOC Building Part 1

And so it begins!

Hi guys! Like we said in a previous video, we're planning to re-MOC our Heroville City Fire Station, and it had just begun!

This is part 1 of the video series and we hope you join us for the rest of the journey.

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Hi guys! In this post we feature a video talking about our MOC Fire Station in our Heroville City. 

This is the very first MOC we made for our city back in 2013 when we first started collecting LEGO and other brick brands. We initially made this as a hotel we called "Marina Bay Hotel" before we converted it into a fire station.
We intend to re-MOC this build as we have learned a lot about modular building techniques and to also improve its facilities and amenities for the minifigures, such as making a garage, giving it proper access to the second floor, providing communications equipment, and so forth.
Hope you guys enjoy watching this! Thanks!

LEGO Tutorials: How to Build a LEGO Police Car and a LEGO Kitchen

Hello, everybody! It has been a while since we posted here in our blog. For this post, I want to feature two of our most recent YouTube videos under our LEGO Tutorial series. 

The first one talks about How to Build a LEGO Police Car, where I teach how to build one with the inspiration coming from Emmet's small car in the first Lego Movie. It's a super easy build that anyone can easily follow as long as they have the parts. =)

The second one features How to Build a LEGO Kitchen. I teach there an easy kitchen build, which we used in our MOC Fire Station in our Heroville City.

I hope you enjoy watching these videos! If you have any suggestions on what tutorial we do next, please share them in the comments. Thanks!

MOC Police Kiosk [VIDEO]

Hello, fellow LEGO fans! Our MOC Police Kiosk video is out! This MOC is actually one of the first ever builds we made for our city back in 2014. The building techniques are very, very simple.

We patterned this build after JANGBRICKS' own Police kiosk and we like it so much!

Here is the video:

Thank you for watching! Till next time, bye!

LEGO Tutorials: Loudspeaker, Couches, and Coffee Tables [VIDEO]

Hi fellow LEGO fans! We have started creating LEGO Tutorials content in our YouTube channel! For the first two episodes, we featured tutorials on how to build a LEGO loudspeaker, and LEGO couches and coffee tables. 

You can check them out here:

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy building them. Till next time, bye!