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Ryah's Friends Pop Star Limo review

Hello, guys! Here is Ryah trying out her first review video. We chose the Friends Pop Star Limo. We're sorry for the low quality, but we will definitely improve as we do more. Thanks!

Ryah's First Lego City Tour

Hello, everyone! Ryah and I tried to record our first Lego City tour and it was a fun experience. Hope we can do more in the future. :)

Lego City Temporary Layout

Hello there and good day!

We temporary re-placed our Lego City to the room where I work (I'm a work-from-home online writer, if you're curious).
It is very temporary as we plan to separate it into three layouts: one for me, the daddy, which we will call "Marina Bay", one for Ryah, to be called "Heartlake City", and one for my son, Rafa, which will be the "Jurassic World" theme park.
Here are some photos of our new layout. Enjoy! (Excuse us for the poor lighting as we are just getting ready to also replace them.) 
Note: My daughter took the last photo. :)

Hsanhe Mini-Street Series: McDonald's fast food restaurant

Good day, Lego fans! Ryah and I bought one of this Hsanhe bricks toys Mini-Street Series sets, the McDonald's fast food restaurant, just to try out how it is. 

The quality of the bricks is average (3/5), better than Cogo and Sluban bricks but lesser than the likes of Enlighten, Decool, or Bela. However, we expected the structure to be in minifigure scale, which wasn't. 

I didn't realize that the set was called "Mini-Street Series" for a reason and I was also not able to notice the picture in the box. This would be our first and last buy in the said series because we want to stick with the minifigure scale.

Anyway, it was still a good buy since Ryah likes McDonald's and we were able to place it temporarily in our city as a "to-go" joint beside our MOC convenience store and coffee shop.

Check out the photos:

Finally, an update!

Hello, everyone! I realized that it has been more than five months since we last updated our blog and I want to say sorry to our followers for not prioritizing it. :)

So much has happened since then and I'll try to make time and update this blog as often as I can. :)

Again, I'm sorry for the evident inactivity here since I am an adult and I have to work to provide for my family. :D Thank you for still following us!

I leave you here with Ryah's new brick toys last December (something that I didn't have time to post then). More new updates will come, see you soon!