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Town Update #3: Father's Day bonding

Hello, everyone! This photos were taken yesterday, June 15, as we are celebrating Father's Day here in the Philippines.

The updates: We moved the hotel at the edge of the layout and added our custom coffee shop right beside it. We also placed a small park in the space on the side of the coffee shop and put a one lane street that links our two big streets. We also had a residential house on the far corner and added a car, a camper van, and a bicycle. The minifig riding the bicycle is my daughter's sigfig.

Town Update #2: Placement of first Lego town structure

With the creation of our Marina Bay Hotel MOC, we are now able to place the first structure in our Lego town.

Ironic because the first building in our Lego town is actually made from Enlighten bricks. To save money, Ryah and I have agreed to use other brick brands with our structures, but only Legos on our minifigures.

MOC: Marina Bay Hotel

Hello, Lego fans! This post features our Marina Bay Hotel MOC. Enlighten bricks were used in the creation of this MOC and is the first building installed in our Lego town.

The Marina Bay Hotel is a small two-storey, two room hotel located in the middle of our Lego town. It is a very simple build, using mostly red bricks from two Enlighten fire station sets. It caters to tourists, which are not so usual, and is owned by Mr. Anthony Garcia, the guy driving the red car in the foreground.

Town Update #1: Proper Topography

Hello everyone! We have already prepared the topography of our own small coastal Lego town which we have named "Marina Bay."

We used colored corrugated plastic in place of brick plates because we didn't have the budget to acquire real Lego brick plates. You are most welcome to donate if you want to. :)