MOC: Police Outpost and Vehicles

Hello, everybody, I'm here again. As promised, I will feature all the MOC (My Own Creation) structures that I will place in my Brick City in separate posts.

For this post, here is my custom-made Police Outpost (yes, outpost only. I plan to create another MOC of a Central Police station). I patterned this after Jang's LEGO city police kiosk.

This outpost will serve the other end of Marina Bay near the water, as the Central Police station will be located more inland. I will also show here two Police vehicles that are in Marina Bay so far.

Okay, without further ado, here it is:

Marina Bay district Police Outpost.

As I've said above, this structure is purely MOC and is on a 16 x 16 ground base plate with a driveway. The vehicles, though, are a different story.

Police van with a temporary holding cell at the back.

This Police van is a standard Enlighten vehicle. I wish to have only LEGO sets in my Brick city, but I think this will have to do for now. :)

Officer David Thomson is the driver and operator of the Police van.

The van has storage spaces on both sides. Here is the right side containing a pair of handcuffs.

Here's the other side with handcuffs, binoculars, and a handgun.

The other one is a 4 x 4 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), and is a slightly customized LEGO vehicle. The driver/operator is officer Nathan Hayes.

Hand gun in place.

Let's now look at the main structure.

Notice the handheld radio?

With the main door open. Officer Shane Fuller is taking a peek. :)

The main structure has two rooms. The front part is the office, while at the back is a temporary holding cell for criminals to be transferred to the main jail located at the Central Police Station.

Closer look at the temporary holding cell.

This is the Police K9. She doesn't have a name yet. :) Would you like to name her?

Let's look at it from different perspectives.

Right side view.

Left side view.

Top view.

Finally, here is the Police Field Commander, officer Adam Mitchell, doing the dispatch. (That's why he's a little pissed off. :) )

Again, one final look at the Marina Bay Police Outpost. Thank you for visiting my site. See you again on the next update! :)


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